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to Exposition of Romans:

3:9–20—Conclusion: OT confirms that humanity is under sin’s power
(January 26th 2019)

Dead to Sin, Alive to God

Discover the Power of Reckoning to Set You Free in Christ


If you have trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation, now learn to reckon or think of yourself as God does. Reckoning is not an option for believers. It is a command by the Apostle Paul: “Reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:11)!

      Reckoning is a type of thinking that recognizes what is true. Everyone considers some things true—even if they are not true—so everyone reckons. To reckon in the biblical sense is to think of ourselves as God does and agree with what he says.

      Paul’s command is not something to do but something to think. So powerful is this thought that it inevitably leads to action. Now you can resist sin (which you were unable to do before) and live for God (which you had no desire to do before). Reckoning will enforce the word of God in your life.

      Discover your identity in Christ: a new creation, saint, adopted child of God, victor over Satan. Learn how to overcome the power of sin by a stronger power and the desire to sin by a stronger desire—adoration for Jesus Christ.

      Midway through the book, these principles come alive in the experience of Cody, a young man who leaves a troubled past for a new life of freedom in Christ.