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3:9–20—Conclusion: OT confirms that humanity is under sin’s power
(January 26th 2019)
Reckoning is a biblical term that is significant for understanding the believer's righteous standing before God. To reckon is to acknowledge that something is true on the basis of established facts. God reckons people righteous on the basis of his grace and their faith. Those people can therefore reckon themselves righteous on the basis of God's declaration.

God is the actor in the majority of Bible verses using this term, but believers in turn may reckon themselves to possess what God has reckoned to them. Romans 6:11 is the primary example of reckoning by believers on the basis of God's declaration that they are united with Christ.

Believers can reckon that they are “dead to sin and alive to God in Christ” because God has united them with Christ in his death and resurrection.

To learn more about biblical reckoning, I invite you to explore the resources in this section. You can learn about the Greek word logizomai, examine Bible verses that feature this concept, and see what scholars have written about several foundational Bible texts on reckoning.